Farewell Y'all...

I know the posts have been fewer and fewer of late.  I know we have been blessed with an opportunity most will never experience.  I know there is much of this country we still have to see.  I also know  there comes a time when change is about to happen.  I know the signs have been pointing to settling down again and I know it's time to heed them.
We always knew that this was a journey, a temporary lifestyle.  I never aspired to spend the rest of my life on the road or homeschooling my kids but applaud those who do.  This was an amazing opportunity that we seized.  I know I may or may not get to see it the rest of the country.  I am ok with that and am looking forward to what comes next.

I know this blog started out as a simple Airstreaming restoration blog but it became so much more to us.  Since we outgrew and sold Minerva and are now looking to settle down, it now seems like the right time to close this blog.

We thank those of you who followed us.  We thank those of you whom we now call friends.  We thank those of you will find this blog in the future and we hope you find it informative, useful, or just entertaining.

We hope to see you on the road.

Traveling Across the US...A Slideshow

Shawn, Nicki & The Kiddos


Padre Island National Sea Shore

We headed off to the Padre Island National Sea Shore.  It has been months since we graced our presence on a National Park/Preserve/Sea Shore/Monument.  Though we have often been in the area we have never actually taken the time to visit this park.  We still haven't seen much more than you will see in this post but we plan on going back.

This is a great place to learn about the conservation/preservation efforts of sea turtles.  Take a walk along the beach on a Ranger led walk and learn about the different shells, coral, and jellyfish.  You also learn about the history of this park and why so much of it was preserved.  You will learn why beaches in this area get more trash than those in say Florida or California.  It's not all about the people that visit and more about the currents in the water.

Ghost Crab

Beachy Time

We are once again at a beach.  Our favorite beach... funny, I don't know the name of the beach but that doesn't matter.  I know how to find it and that my friends is all that matters.  I will say the weather has been a bit cool but we have still managed to get a bit of a walk everyday it hasn't rained.

I do believe it is watching us...


Galveston, Tx... Between the Rain Bands

That's right folks.  We have landed down in Galveston, once again on the beach.  Unfortunately, there is no beach walking this time.  The rain hasn't stopped for more than maybe 12 hours and the Shawn couldn't get anywhere near the surf to take even a few pictures.  However, this has afforded us a chance to drive around Galveston and get you these pictures.


Trip Quilt Pieced

That is right I finally finished sewing the quilt top together. Since this one had pictures squares I had to be careful to get them all lined up so they weren't side ways and upside down.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & A Happy New Year

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