The Adventure Begins

After at least 6 months of checking out too many new RV's to count, who all had the same floor plans which just didn't suit our family, "we" started looking at used ones. (Notice the "" around we, well honestly I had been looking at used airstreams online for almost a year .... on the sly. Apparently, my husband had done some Tin Can rv hunting himself.) After many heated arguements, frustrated "ugs", and a strong desire to throw something we finally found two Airstreams. Both are 27 foot Overlander's, but they had different floor plans, Double Bed vs Twin Bed configurations. There were more "discussions", and this without actually seeing either one. Finally, we went to see the closest one to us... a mere hour and a half drive.... the double. We saw, we feared, we came home. We discussed, failed to sleep, sent email with confirmation of intent to buy.

You know the scariest part for me, withdrawing the money from the bank. Not sure why, but I was freaking out about that. However, once the deal was done calmness returned, excitement.. not yet.

Now, for some reason, we tend to have trial by fire in this marriage. Never towed anything before... well, let's just tow us a car literally half way cross country behind a 26 foot moving van. Never towed a travel trailer, let just hook up a 27 footer and tow it 2 hours. In the rain, through more than a few small ponds on the road, and back it into our driveway. NO big deal right?

Well thanks to the incline on the END of the drive way it took:

  1. 45 minutes
  2. 4 2x4s
  3. 3 plywood backed cushions
  4. 8 exercise foam floor panels
  5. 2 card board boxes
  6. 1 particle board shelf
Let me just say, had I been the one trying to back the thing, the entire neighborhood would have been out...laughing. Since it was my husband.... nobody was out. And frankly, I was too stressed to laugh. Now for the picture posts......


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