Amazing What Can Be Done

If you remember from this post, we did not think we would be able to save over half the tambour.  We had finally gotten to the point of cleaning the bedroom section, so Shawn began the process of removing them.  He discovered the reason for the buckle.  The tracks had not been lubricated/waxed in some time so when you tried to push them up it caused them to bend in toward the crease.  So he waxed the tracks and they are working again.  A very easy solution.

Now you will notice in this picture that there is a fresh piece of wood on the bottom.  This tambour was broken in a way he could not fix.  So this is an attempt to try to save this piece.  He will of course stain it to match and put the metal guide bar back on.  We chose this cabinet for the broken piece because of the electric components.  The theory is we will put things in it we won't need as much.  Besides the space is limited.

It looks as if we will be evaluating the tambour on a case by case basis.  At least we managed to save one section of them.


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