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Yesterday we tried 3 different types of cleaning on the bathroom counters that Shawn found on the forum. The first was Bar Keepers and it did ok but our stains were deep. I spent about 30 minutes with "The Glorious Scrub Brush" cleaning with the Bar Keepers. The second I am not sure what it was, Shawn just said he didn't have the patience for it. You see after the 30 minutes I had to retire from my maid duties and return to my mommy ones, so he was left to his devices. The third was sanding. He read that if sanding didn't work it was the first step to painting the surfaces anyway. So a win/win, although unfortunately for him, not something he felt that I could/would do.

A warning on the pictures. You will need to disregard the difference of the counter color from picture to picture . Although, the color is different, the pictures have variations in the color due to lighting/time of day issues. Really, these are about the stains, uniformness of color and smoothness.

The Before:

The After:

Sink Before:

The Sink After:

There is much more work to be done on this but you have to admit it is looking much better now. Amazing what a smoother surface with a uniform color will do. Unsure as to wether or not we will paint it, but we prefer not to have to.


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