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The supplies have been bought and work resumes on the AS (she/he really needs a name).  We purchased the materials needed to repair the floor.  He had hoped to get the necessary materials to do the plumbing put I don't think what the guy at HD gave us is going to work.  I'll get the update later tonight.

In the mean time, the view when walking towards the door.... part one.

The on going removal of bad subfloor -

The job done -

Now on to the next spot of rotten flooring (and the last... we hope) -

Once again, the view on the approach part two-

Survey of the space after the damaged section was removed -

The result -

Now some might notice huge gaps in my pictorial story line (the poor guy had to take two of them himself).  Well, it's only about  90 something degrees outside.  You know I could be a delicate flower, or just not a glutton for punishment, or a pansy, or just sane, or even (as some would claim) just plain lazy.  But really, if you want the truth, I'll be mowing the yard soon enough in 90+ temps and have no desire to experience it more than I have to!  Plus he enjoys his time in the Stream away from wife, kids, dogs, and job.  And since he works at home... who can blame the fellow!


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