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Hey... retrieve your mind from the gutter! Besides, no bed cushions done yet.... and this isn't that kind of blog. Here is Shawn putting the bedroom gaucho back together. More importantly he resuscitated more tambour. He had to fix one door by using part of another one. If you want technical details leave a comment and I'd forward it on to Shawn.

Yes, we kiltzed the floor. Mostly to seal it from moisture, but for me, now I will know just how dirty it is by how dingy the white gets. No, I am not the clean freak in the family... that's the woman that birthed me.
You will notice we did not reinstall the metal storage box holders. They are not going back in. We are planning to use this space for tool storage, toilet paper, and other such things.

The mended and reinstalled tambour doors under the bedroom gaucho.
Notice the discolored wood at the corner of pictures. We will be washing the floor with a bleach mixture as soon as the rest of the dismantling, reassembling, and constructing ends. Then we will sand it, kiltz it, and lay cork tiles. That's still at least a month out.. I am guessing.

Here is the newly stained section. It looks better in the trailer.. I'm not sure if this is the first, second, or last coat. Some things you just don't think to ask!

Today Shawn will be doing more of this:
As well as cleaning the window latches with steel wool (I think). Really who knows what else, he is like a pig in ..... well, you get the idea.

Oh, we bought this today:
Yes, it's pink. No, I didn't spend much on it. Not sure if it will actually go into the AS, but for $15 for 30 yards (Craigslist) it will make a cheap way to practice making the covers for the gaucho. I really want to attempt to do it the original way. So two of the cushions are connected, less chance of cushion separation in the middle of the night. I am also thinking about using tea or coffee to stain it. The white background is really stark in the off white/yellowish colors of our walls. No matter, if I don't like the colors after staining I will still have the material to practice on instead of starting with $15 a yard fabric.

As for what I will be doing on the AS today.... probably taking more pictures, taking a siesta, taking a break, taking a load of......who can say.... but the back yard is mowed before that 20% chance becomes 100! I may be looking for a riding mower next year. Or at the very least self propelled by someone other than myself....


Hey Shawn.
Would you happen to have the measurements for your cushions in the back bedroom.I am remodeling one and all I have is the frame
Mine is a 74 31' Airstream

We modified the size of our cushions for one reason or another. here is a link that should help you with your questions


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