Brakes, Tow Cables, And Sanity

Anyone who read the second post will know, we towed the trailer 2 hours in the rain with no brakes... we think. Anyway, after much research, foul language (I imagine), and testing he got the connections right. I'm not saying the brakes actually work or don't. I'm saying he got the tow cable wired correctly for our truck and we can hear the hum of them trying to engage. We won't test them on the road until it's time to take them into the service center. No point in all that extra trouble of pulling anything out of the drive.

Now Shawn feels much better as this was one thing driving him crazy. He would start to work on one thing and get distracted by it. Although, honestly that is a common phenomenon in our household. He's not the only one who suffers from that.

I'm off.. for now, to maybe think about something other than an Airstream. Although, she needs a name..... and I'm drawing a blank. The "Star Wars" references are getting a bit old for me. Or I'm *gasp* getting too old from them. Need a new schtick.


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