Cleaning... Oh... Cleaning.. Will Thy Ever End

This is part of the bathroom sink/counter.  It is beyond just cleaning, I will be checking the forums for answer on this one.

This cleaned up quite nicely... but I forgot to get a picture.  I intended on doing so but got angry.. more on that later.

Ah... the awesome tub.  That's after about 5 minutes of scrubbing that one side.  Here a closer view...
You can actually see the varying degrees of clean.  Yes, it still needs more work and time.  My donut breakfast ran out before I got it pristine.

The sink drain.  I'm not touching that one.  There is debris in the trap, and frankly drain's freak me out... especially ones with debris in the trap.  SHAWN!!!!

Now for the part that made me angry.... One of the POs painted the outside of the tub.  I did not realize this until after the latex cleaning glove had broken and I had paint on my hands.  Not entirely sure what they used, but I had to wash my hands in Finger Nail Polish Remover to get it off.  Now I have to figure out how to get the paint off without damaging the wall....... guess I'll be spending a lot of times on the forums today!!

Time spent in the bathroom cleaning - about 1 1/2 hours.

Still left to clean:
the other side of the bathroom
the bedroom gaucho area
the walls within the wardrobe and desk
the pantry.
the fridge
the built in in the living rooms
the ceiling (I can already feel the ache in my shoulders and neck from looking up)

This could take awhile!!
Do I sound grippy... I'm not.  I am quite enjoying myself.... well maybe not the cleaning part.  Necessary evil... but I am enjoying the rest!!


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