The Dream

We have a dream, my husband and I. For probably 99% of the population, it would be considered weird/strange/crazy. We want to live a small, simple, green, happy life. This blog is not about that, but is about the first step of that dream. Which just happens to be another dream we've had for a very long time:

She's a 27ft 1971 Overlander Double International Land Yacht. Her floor plan can be found at:


Let me just say, she's pretty vintage! More pictures to follow tonight. I'm going to break them up into categories for my own blogging sanity. She doesn't have a name yet. We are waiting to see what kind of personality she presents. Welcome to the start of our dreams.


I hope you are O.K. with all the news of violent weather in Oklahoma. Your blog is very well designed. I'm envious of your skill. If you don't mind telling me, how do you get the Where Are We Now widget on your page. We begin our cross country trip to Alaska tomorrow morning and it would be nice to add that to our blog as well.

We came out of the storms unscathed. However, it was a close call. We missed the tornado that leveled piedmont by 8 miles.

My husband is responsible for the website. As soon as he is not driving, I will let him know you are interested in the widget.

Safe travels on your trip!!

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