FiestaWare Wagon!

Ok, so really it's a trailer.  The point is we realized today as we where putting up dishes getting ready to start the first dye lot that our fabric dye choices match our Fiestaware plates.  Totally unintentional, but hey we'll see where it leads.

So today I officially started cutting out lengths of fabric.  As Rit will stain fiberglass and porcelain (if scratched enough) the small kitchen sink is the only place we can dye.  That limits us to doing 3 yards at a time.  Simply because it is the max amount of wet fabric we can work in the sink.  I cut 5 sets of 3 yards.

Check out my highly sophisticated cutting board!  Let me just say, the metal measuring stick is fabulous.  It has weight and really, really hard to break.  

After cutting, I pre-washed all the fabric.  We did this one shortly after lunch and stuck it in the dryer to dry for about 30 minutes.
Here it is finishing the drying, absorbing some sun.

Because the pattern is printed on and not dyed the back side is blank, we can use both front and back.  I do love to have options.  I decided to take some pictures to give you an idea of how it looks.


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