Flooring Methods

One would think that this would be an easy choice, but it's really not. When there is an allergy factor, an eco conscience, figuring out the decor, just all around cleanliness, and the weight to consider things can get a bit complicated.

There are just so many options. Marmoleum, Bamboo, and Cork. Marmoleum comes in sheet, tile, and floating. Bamboo in glue, nail, and floating. Cork comes in glue down tile or floating. And none of them are without negatives.

Most people might say that picking and laying the floor come after the clean up, and it does. However, the choices you make on the installation method affect everything you do during and after the cleaning.

Do you put them in the bathroom?
What nasty chemicals are in them?
What's the thickness?

Under the cabinets?
Will I have to trim down all the cabinetry to fit?

Or floating beside the cabinets? We have somewhat flat metal trim at the base of the pantry, wardrobe, and desk.
What do you do about the "floating edge"? We have metal floor trim, wouldn't wood trim look weird in just those few spaces?

Truthfully, after a while the research gets clogged up in your head..... Ahhhhhh!



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