The Foam Has Finally Been Cut

After too many days blocking the kids crayon area, we finally started cutting the foam.  We cut it for depth for the connected cushions.  On the bottom cushions that left about 3 inches of foam.  On the back cushion we had about 9 inches.  We then glued the two together to make the bolster that sits behind when in couch position.  When we bought it, we had them cut almost to length.  It is about 1 inch too long, give or take (minor cutting wavers, which is why we opted for a bit longer than our measurements).  We still have some trimming and shaping to do.  The front gaucho has a curved bolster, we are using the backer board as a guide.

If you look really close you can see the glued seam.  We used these for the bolsters because it has a backer board and I am hoping it won't make a difference.  A cost saving measure that I hope pans out.  

Now I just have to figure out how much fabric I need per sofa.  Then it's back to shopping!

Here we have the foam for two gaucho couches stacked up, ready for upholstery!

A note for anyone buying foam - JoAnn's Sales Flyers!  The cushion was on sale by the length, 50% off.  Then they had a special holiday flyer that gave us another 10% off.  It was still REALLY expensive! (Not getting paid by JoAnn's for advertising!)


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