The Great Debate

Here I was thinking it would be a nice peaceful day of cleaning/upholstery work.... I was wrong, again. Take note people, this will be common.

My son has really bad allergies, the kind that you get shots (seasonal, dust mites, mold) for, the kind you are never without benadryl for and the kind that require epinephrine. There has been a huge debate in our house for the last two days: To remove the cabinets and clean under/behind/between them or not.

Nobody, from what I've read, likes to remove their cabinets and put them back. So as you can imagine, this was a serious debate with no one really knowing where they stood on the issue much less their opposition. There has also been a lot of trying to figure out how not to pull out the cabinets and still get the A/S clean enough.

The debate ended today, while I was on a lengthy phone call not paying attention. My hubby started taking apart the gaucho couch to get a good look at these:

When he discovered the mouse/mice/rat droppings. We'll (I hope) never know which type it came from, but that ended the debate. So from what I understand, everything will just take a bit more time to do!

On the positive side:

My husband is gaining a lot of information on how these trailers are put together.
We can now be sure we have found all the rotting sub floor.
It will be as clean as we can possible make it.
Hopefully the smell will be gone... forever.

Here is a look at what I did accomplish today:
These are before I scrubbed them.

I'm not really sure if you can see the difference, but I can. Plus I was there as the dirt started running as soon as I sprayed it. Gotta love that orange degreaser!!


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