His Embargo On AS Work Lasted.....

His embargo on AS work lasted until about 4pm.  He just couldn't take it, so I sent him out to play.  He used the time wisely.  After a bit of work he got the pump running and this is what we found out:

The kitchen sink works fine. The shower does not work at all but there is an interesting leak in the bathroom counter.  If you look really close to the handle you will see it running down.

The reason could be in the picture below:
If you look at the copper tubing you will see electrical tape wrapped around it.  That's because there is a leak and it drips down just to the right of the brand new battery that was installed before we bought her.
Hmmmm .........

There are also a lot of extra drain hoses and shut off valves.  At least they are extra according to our manual.  I can't wait to see what the technician who looks over her says about these "extras".


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