How NOT to Insure My Travel Trailer.....Bear With Me.. It's A Long One

We have spent the last few days dealing with getting the trailer insured.  The result is we have a new agent and a Soon To Be Ex-Insurance Agent (now to be known as STBEIA).

I called STBEIA's worker bee prior to purchasing trailer to get a quote on insurance.  We bought the trailer and called worker bee back.   She took the Vin number, model year, purchase price and asked what the MSRP would be on a new A/S.  I told her they start around 50,000.  She put in an MSRP of 50,000 for our 1971 Vintage Trailer.

When the policy came into their office she found that not only would we pay $40 more a month than we were quoted, but they would only pay out our original purchase price (way... way... way less than 50,000).  Then the worker bee called Shawn to inform him of the problem.  I was at park with kids and friends.  Shawn is pretty sure Worker Bee is uneducated on the process of insuring Vintage Trailers.  She asks him to bring bill of sale.  Shawn starts researching policies.

When I got home, I called her to find out what exactly she needed.  She wanted me to find an original MSRP for our 1971 27 ft Overlander International Land Yacht.   I explained to her that A/S they didn't make that model anymore.  She wanted an equivalent new purchase price.  I then explained that "International" and "Land Yacht" were trim level descriptions and I wasn't sure what the equivalent would be in the newer models(not gonna help her too much).   At this point she is totally unsure what is going on.  And it's almost 5pm.  She asked us to call some A/S dealerships and see if anyone knew what we needed.  There are NO A/S dealerships in our state, but we found someone who knew exactly what we needed when working with our company.  Meaning that there were agents in our area who could do it.

So yesterday morning, I went to  STBEIA's office with several online sales with final prices listed and our bill of sale.  Worker Bee was out for the day and her fellow workers wanted to wait until she was back to help me.  I explained to them that there were agents in our area that could help them if they called around.  They left me in no doubt that they were frustrated with figuring out the situation. You could just say Airstream in their office and everyone knew who they were talking to.  Meanwhile a note about STBEIA's office.  They completely messed up our billing when we first moved here.  The only words STBEIA has ever said to me was "Do you need this?"  We'd never been introduced.  At this point, Shawn had his fill of STBEIA.

We start cold calling Insurance agents in our group.  I get one that doesn't know exactly but is willing to find out.  Shawn gets one that did a 1966 just last week.  SOLD!  We set up an appointment.  We also find out we really only need the bill of sale, because they know what they are doing.  She, sadly, informs me that I must contact STBEIA and request a transfer.

So I call STBEIA.  The worker bee that answers explains she can't do the transfer, but someone who can will call me back.  Guess who calls me back...... STBEIA.

She first accuses me of being her friend.... hello, I could not even remember what you looked like!

She wants to know why I'm leaving her office.... something about 3 strikes your out.  I explained in my nicest voice (yes, I was really nice about it) everything (except her misconception about our friendship).  How they had messed up our billing, couldn't figure out how to insure a travel trailer, and that little problem with their frustration over dealing with it.  Really.. basic customer service people!

She then accuses our soon to be new agent's worker of unethical actions.    I explained that we called their office not the other way around.  That the other office had offered to help them, and we declined.  She was persistent about it... I am still unsure how it's unethical for me to fire her, but I'm sure she could figure it out.  She wanted to know who I had talked to in the office so she could reference the file.  Do I come across as stupid... really.  I lied.  Then I called the new office and warned them!

All in all, considering phone conversations, we spent over 2hrs with STBEIA worker bee trying to figure it out... remember this... it's important!

This morning we went to the new agent's office.  Actually met the Agent himself!  He spent about 30 minutes with us.  Shocking, isn't?  Then the lady who would be in charge of our accounts took us to her desk.  Less than 30min later, we had our trailer insurance, discussed options for other services we might need, discovered that STBEIA had REMOVED MY NAME from the auto policies, and spent a few minutes getting to know her.

Honestly, the form took her 10 minutes or less to fill out.


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