I'm In Love..I'm In Love.. I'm In Love!!

With what you might ask?  With this "The Glorious Scrubber"*.

So what if it was the reason my strike got cancelled before it began.  It is the most glorious device invented for cleaning a very dirty Airstream.  If you are wondering just how glorious it is well check these pictures out.  This is the cabinet above the pantry before it got scrubbed.

Now for the after-
Do you see what looks like a shadow across the bottom?  That's no shadow my friends.  That is the dirt my arm was not long enough to reach.  Go ahead... scroll up and down a few times.  Granted this was one of the dirtiest spots in the trailer so it's an extreme case.

So I present to you more proof of the gloriousness of the automatic scrubber.  This rag represents the amount of dirt on the walls that is removed with elbow grease and a regular scrub brush.  Let me just tell you that's a really clean rag.  Only about half way used.  They get almost black sometimes.
Now this rag was used after "The Glorious Scrubber" to simply wipe down the walls-
That's after two of the front side panels where done, basically from the panel that starts at the table all the way to the refrigerator/kitchen cabinets on both sides!!!  The best part is that I was only out there for about 1 1/2 hour.  If  you factor in time spent cleaning out the pads, getting something to drink, etc... I probably really only spent 1 hour at it.  Without  "The Glorious Scrubber", it would have taken me about 3 days to get it that clean (*note - heat indexes are around 100 degrees.  prolonged time in A/S not recommended).

As for Shawn, well he got a lot more done.  Then again, he has a better tolerance for cleaning without "The Glorious Scrubber".  It did not arrive until after 2pm, and I just was not cleaning without it.  He worked in the bedroom area.  He cleaned all the upper cabinets, the A/C, the ceiling up to the A/C.  He took down all the trim, screen, and handles around the window on the desk side and cleaned it.

What's left to clean:

inside of wardrobe
inside of the desk
under the bedroom guacho
the wall behind the gaucho
the rest of the windows - trim, screen, handles
the pantry
the fridge
under the sink
the tub
inside the bathroom cabinet that contains the fuse box
inside living room cabinet
under table
center ceiling panel in living room and kitchen

Can I just say that list is depressing?  Or it would have been before "The Glorious Scrubber"!  On a serious note, if you ever had to REALLY, REALLY clean an A/S like we are, JUST GO BUY  AN ELECTRIC SCRUBBER.  Ours operates on 4 AA rechargeable batteries.  It cost us $15 and will save us about a week of cleaning time.

*"The Glorious Scrubber" is my name for it.  It's actually a Black & Decker.


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