The Inevitable Happened Today....

We discovered why there was water coming into the trailer.  First there was the rear antenna that was held in it's place atop the trailer with caulk.  Apparently all the rivets had broken.  If anyone knew or not is unknown, but caulk was holding it in place!  Then there was the vent.  It's a bit broken around the edges and lacking in any weather stripping or caulk.  Sorry no pictures... I'm not climbing up the ladder to get one... NOT happening.

Needles to say he had to go buy a rivet gun.  I am sure anyone who renovates/restores an A/S has one.  Why should we be any different?  However on the bright side the caulking/sealing of the exterior is done....He hopes!!

PS.  sealant REALLY stinks!
PSS.  Might be going shopping for fabric again.... if my free labour worker has it in him.  Somehow, after 8 plus hours with the caulk gun and sealant syringe.... Probably not!
PSSS.  The musty/funky stink is starting to leave the trailer.  You can hardly smell it over the orange cleaner smell.


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