The Inside - Pretty Vintage & Proud of It

The entry...
That is the exterior air conditioner cover. It had been removed to check the condition and they didn't get it back on before it rained. We are just waiting for it dry out before returning it.

Close up of the table, you can't see the broken laminate. When folded out it does not show, but we will try to figure out how to fix or replace it.

I am pretty sure this was recovered at some time. It does not match the upholstery in the bed room. I am pretty sure they should be the same if original. I am positive the bedroom upholstery is original..you will see!!

The control center. The ammeter still works. Unsure about the rest, but the 8 track stereo still gives out static if you turn up the volume loud enough.... hmmmmm. Yes, I can vaguely remember the 8 track. I will have to see if I can tune the radio.

Now on to the kitchen:

Some damage on the small sliding doors.

The original Airstream Custom Magic Chef oven.

Not sure about the fridge, it may or many not work. There are some loose wires that need to be reconnected.

I need to get pictures of the pantry as well.


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