Kitchen Cabinet Hell - Or So He Thought

Ok, all teasing aside, it was not really a great start.  I am not sure the picture does it justice.  The tambour doors were broken in several places.  The inside had rat poison in it.  The original rubber backed shelf liner was attached in some places but only had rubber in others.  Almost all the original plastic storage drawers are broken...... AND IT WAS FILTHY!

So he got started.. and I mean only him -
It was a battle of epic proportions for him.  In all honestly, I'm not sure he doesn't despise this unit.

First he started to take out the oven.  He was fairly sure we would have to remove it and sell it.  He did not think that it could be secured safely anymore.  To my delight, he managed to get it all back together and installed securely.  Now I just hope it works.

It no longer hangs and sways in the back either!

As for the front of the cabinet, it's not complete.  Unfortunately, the tambour doors on this unit have to be replaced with regular doors for now.  He has to work out the new layout of the interior storage but I think he did a really good job.  The wood will need to be finished but I like the way it looks.

Now it's back to cleaning for me, while he (we hope the rain stops) start sealing the windows and joints!

Maybe some foam cushion will get cut this weekend.... maybe...


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