Lights On, Outlets, Cleaning

Thanks to the forums (once again) Shawn fixed the lights. The wire had come loose from the Univolt. The antenna he riveted back down was to a CB. It was still connected to a power source. Which might explain some of the battery issues.. or not. Alas, it did explain some of the interior outlets. Like the car charger slot. Side not: I remember as a VERY young kid when my parents had a CB. I remember being in a friend of my father's Motorhome and talking to my parents as we went down the road.

I have conceded defeat and decided to buy an electrical scrub brush. I am just a tiny bit frustrated with the cleaning. I have that feeling of working for hours and getting a teensy tiny section done. I've scrubbed with regular brushes and more rags than you can imagine, some sections twice, and still there are bad spots. Then my husband pulls out this knock off dremmel with a tiny, tiny brush.... Oh boy, you should have seen the dirt just disappear. I'm really not sure how long this trailer stood empty but the metal on the doors is just thick with dust/dirt. You have to spray it to get it off.

On the plus side, the A/C kept us cool. As a matter of fact, my son would come in from riding his bike every 10 minutes to stand underneath it. And tomorrow we will be getting some sort battery operated scrubbing device or I'm going on strike until we do!


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