Lights Out, A/C, Appointments, Battle Plan, Nameless

Last night, while looking through the trailer trying to figure out a game plan we noticed that a small section of lights didn't work anymore.  We checked the fuse box it seems to be ok.  Shawn went out to the forums to do some research.  Of course there could be several things wrong.  Today, after work, he'll spend some time figuring it out.  It could be the panel he riveted in place this weekend or something about wires being giggled loose.  (I know, I listened really good didn't I)

Two of the parts for the A/C came in yesterday.  It still won't start on it's own, but we are hopeful that the last part will fix that.  You can start it by using something to spin the fan and it cools pretty good.  We really didn't get to test it in the supreme heat.  It did not cycle back off.. just ran for 20 min.  After which we had to come back inside.

We have made the appointment to get all the major systems checkout with the local Airstream Certified Service  & Parts place.  We just don't know enough about brakes/axles/plumbing/etc.  It's in early August, which fits our working schedule.

Then we realized we didn't have a battle plan for getting jobs done.  I've been obsessed with fabric.  Shawn with Sealing, Caulking, and learning how it all works.   In other words, we've been all over the place.  We've made ourselves an outline of sorts.  I would post it but we decided to print it off and put it in the A/S to remind us.  Basically it says clean, fix rotten floor spot, sand floor, kiltz floor, clean some more.  We also had to put in writing the decisions we've made concerning decor.  We found ourselves confused about what the other was thinking.

Sadly, about half of our tambour doors are messed up.  All but one of the bedroom overhead cabinets are buckled or broken.  The one that does open requires so much force when opening and closing that it feels like they are going to break.  The kitchen/living room overheads seam to be ok as does the living room side cabinet.  I don't remember about the under guacho doors, and right now they are in the garage waiting on floor to be installed.   Just have to wait and see.. but they are really cool... if they only worked properly!

Now it's time to get off the computer, little girl has need to see the Doc!

PS.   We still haven't given her/him a name!


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