Little Done Today

We didn't get much done today.  We had a birthday party at Chuck  E. Cheese mid day, so we didn't really try to get started.  My husband did spend a little time with the 1978 Coleman mach III A/C.  We knew it had some issues and he got it running earlier.  He thinks he  sort of/maybe has figured it out.  All I heard was something about condensers, amp drop, fans..... then my none mechanical/engineering mind shut down.  He is going to spend more time on it tomorrow.  Then we went off to the party.  Unfortunately, when we got home the weather started to flare up... again.  No rain yet, but if it does we can check out our new caulk/sealing job!

Spent some time, again, today looking for fabric.  My husband would tell you that I'm an annoying shopper.  One of those people who have a very, very vague idea of what they want.  I will tell you, "I won't know until I see it".  So my mantra lately is "Vibrant but not Neon, Pattern but not too busy, Machine washable but durable, not too dark but not too light....  NO FLOWERS*!".  My husband's mantra is probably, "I will not lose my mind... I hate fabric... I will not lose my mind.... I hate fabric....I hate cushions... I hate cushions", although I am honestly feel it's better not to ask him.... you think?

Nothing against flowers, but as a quilter I look at lots of paisley/plaids/flowers prints for long periods at a time.  Although I obviously love them (or I wouldn't buy them),  I tend to go for less decorated materials for my furniture... that way the quilts stand out more.  You know that sounds a bit wrong......


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