More of The Upholstery.. So More of The Same

Sorry, I not going to bore you with more pictures of foam encased in muslin bags.  However, today I reached the point of actually having to worry about cutting the upholstery fabric to make the removable covers.  No, I am not actually going to do it tonight.  My brain is fried and so are my leg muscles.

Why my leg muscles?  I have this small, strange preference for using treadle sewing machines.  I do own an electric one, but I just prefer the old treadles.  I sewed 8 seams that were 73 inches and 6 seams that were 26.5 inches.  For at total of 743 inches, or just under 62 feet.  I sewed from 9:30 till noon, then for about 30 minutes in the afternoon.  For every 2.5 stitches, you take the equivalent of two small steps (My husband has just accused me of being a bit obsessive... really... no sir...not me!).  Needless to say I am a bit happy that I will not be using the treadle for the upholstery fabric.  I will be getting out the trusty electric work horse for that.

After finishing up the bigger cushions, we got after the bolster cushions which were easy.  We just wrapped them in muslin and stapled it to the wood backer board.  Now time to move on to the next phase which is figuring out how much fabric I need for each piece of the cushion.  I've got a post in progress that I am using to help myself figure it out.  The only problem is I wrote it about this time a few nights ago.  I am pretty sure it's going to either be wrong or just confuse me... I think it will wait until tomorrow!!

PS.  Shawn has put a moratorium on outside AS work.  It's rest day until tomorrow.  It is not due to the excessive heat, but more because it's time to hit the Depot on the weekend.  He's got to get the supplies for patching the floor.


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