Oh, The Things We Shall Try

As everyone who reads this blog knows, the search for upholstery fabric has been epic.  Here is another picture of the cheap very pink fabric we bought off Craigslist yesterday.  Now, I like pink, but nowhere near as much as most girls.

We decided to play around with dying the fabric.  I cut strips small enough to fit in these cups.

We made cups containing:
tea & coffee
tumeric & coffee
elder berry juice
red food dye

An example - Coffee still wet.  Dried much too light for my tastes!
Tumeric & Coffee while drying.  Way funky!
Truthfully, the rest aren't worth a picture.  Needless to say, not what I was hoping for.. except maybe the tumeric & coffee... it has potential.

My husband puts forth the idea of using Rit.  He went down and for $1.66 each got two boxes. Green and Blue.
We did it in our kitchen sink.  First really hot water:
Then the dye:
Then lots of stirring, which I declined to watch.  Someone, after all, must play Wii with kids....

Here is the result of the Green actually in the AS.

Then the blue, which I actually got a picture of him working the fabric in the sink (will wonders never cease):

For anyone wondering why my husband does the majority of the work... well let's just say he prefers me in one piece.  I'm not the most attentive person when I start doing things so I tend to get injured, or injure someone, or in this case make an unholy mess.  I can accept my issues!

Here are the results.

The blue is our favorite.  What do you think?


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