The Pantry, The Trim Above The Table, & The Hole

Today, as promised, was pantry work. He cleaned and kiltzed all the shelves. We plan on lining it with something, most likely cork. I have it here at home and really like it.

Isn't it all pretty!!

The he pulled off the table to get it in better working order. When he removed the trim he found this...
By all appearances the PO (previous owner) had tried to glue or epoxy it back together. It was not successful. So he had to cut off the damaged part and replace it. It now looks like this:
Table works great too. Although, the veneer has a hole on the underside of the table.

And now for the find of the day... the hole. It's comes from the same leak that damaged the trim above the table.
So really, just another smallish area to replace. I would say, no biggie... but then again... it kinda is and kinda isn't. (My english teacher's would be so proud of that sentence!!)


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