Random Pictures - Inside & Out

The antena still rises, my hubby found it more work than he was prepared for.

Dents -

A Broken leveler -

Unsure what the wire is for, anybody know?  Check out that lovely shag carpet.

Original cabinet lining?

We found these underneath the kitchen sink... SWEET!!

A little bit of damage to the door.

The Heater - bit scary, really.

Upon entering -

The future resting place of the TV -

The lights inside the pantry.  Several of them still work -

Close up of the radio -

Original lighting?

Random skylight -

Interior of the wardrobe - 
or that could be the small "closet" that houses the breaker box in the bathroom.  I shall endeavor to get the missing pictures tomorrow, but right now I am frankly tired.  Period.... END of Story...  Thank you and Good Night!

PS.  We would love to hear from those of you who have advice on RESTORING vintage airstreams.  We want to keep it as close to original as possible, while making it more livable for us.


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