The Results Of Today's Labor

The fan vent. He took it apart, scrubbed, and lubricated it. You can't tell but the fan components are all shiny and purty. It even has a pretty repainted metal edge. Sorry about the picture... it's a bit hard to get a good picture when you have to hold the camera at waist level to get the shot.

Here we have the screen holder minus the screen. We have to get a replacement for it. We are thinking of replacing them with a solar blocking screens.

Please ignore the shadow on the wall. That's not dirt that's just the picture taker. Just a nice cleanly finished wall. We celebrate the small victories here! He also finished the center section in the living room area.

He started on the top shelf of the pantry. A PO had installed metal can dispensers (sorry, no before pictures) that we took out. They still had the Southerland Lumber price stickers on them. They cost a whopping $2.30 cents. Bet the cost is more like $15 or $30 today.

He predicts the pantry will be done by tomorrow evening. That's all for the results for today!


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