Shawn's Day -

This is what Shawn's Day was about:

He had to make two trips to Home Depot today to get something to fix the two holes just like the one pictured above.  Naturally, the pipe size couldn't be the same in both cases.

The first hole was located in an area that required me to get on the ground to photograph it.... guess what... no photo.  The second was located just under where the screw driver sits in picture below.  You can't get to that without removing the counter top!

He found the second "leak" when he tried to turn the shower on, thinking he'd fixed the problem.  Let's just say he got a shower and so did the rest of the bathroom.   So he started removing rivets.

Then due to my inability to get him actually doing any work (anybody actually notice that?):

Wow... It's MAGIC.  

Then he moved on to checking the water pressure in other areas.  Let's just say the kitchen sink needed a "bit" of plumbing work.  Despite trying to stop the leaky joints, he ended up having to replace the pipes. He's finally retired for the day, at least from AS work.


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