Shopping Just Hurts Sometimes

Well if you are shopping for:

  1. window/seam sealant, which despite my husbands hopes (and many stops) you can only find online(he's still calling.. just in case), for the Overlander that sprang about 10 leaks yesterday (ok, so it was only 4)
  2. foam cushions to replace not one but two gaucho couch beds. (sticker SHOCK!!) Thank goodness for Fourth of July 50% off sales!!
  3. flooring covering for the A/S, which we are still doing research on, but we came home with some samples to compare to our cabinetry.
  4. rotting floor spot fixer (really technical aren't I)
Did I mention the participants included two VERY thirsty kids? Thirsty = Whiney.

Can someone tell my why the roofer always wants to show up to fix your roof when you are in the middle of the flooring aisle at Home Depot?

I haven't even contemplated the upholstery selection yet. I want to get past the cutting foam, muslin covering parts of the program first.

I admit that this post sounds a tad bit whiney. Sorry for that. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I just did not expect so many decisions at once. We are just trying to get it so that we can sleep in it by August.

We still haven't got to the appliance's, a/c that needs a part, status of the tanks (all of them are completely original)... etc, etc... etc.

On the bright side, maybe the rain will let up long enough for us to get out there and start cleaning everything!! I think there has been too much surfing for info, talking about decisions (don't get me started on the tambour doors), and just not enough working (rain, rain, go away, come again another day).


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