Someone's Got The Mojo

Today is a day of AS rest, but there was work done yesterday. Shawn started by taking the screen he had spayed down with the water hose yesterday and cleaning the metal edges. He then painted them again.
I tried to get pictures of it reinstalled but without blinds all you get is a framed picture of the neighbor's yard.
He then spent the rest of the day on the kitchen. Here is the kitchen sink after he cleaned it up.

Then he moved to the stove and once all the foil was removed this is what he found.

And this:

We are going to figure out what to do with this and suggestions are welcomed!

Best of all though, was under the sink. It has just a few more tubes and valves than the manual says it should. He "played" under here for quite some time! Still haven't figure it all out though.... at least that's the impression I got. I could and have been wrong before.

As for what I did, well I documented everything for him. Turned up about 20 times, disturbed his work, asked questions, took annoying pictures and was generally useless to the process. Then again, I suspect, he is enjoying his time out there by himself tinkering with the AS. Due to his efforts, it really feels like some progress was made.

And now for a somewhat related picture. Here is what I encountered 50% of the time after returning from my documentation chores:
He's been less than thrilled with the amount of time spent working on the AS, even though it means he can go places with us. He just doesn't get it yet that and all he really wants to do is get in that big silver thing and check it out.


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