Upholstery Job Begins

I should preface this post by saying I have never done anything like this before.  I've made pillow covers and small easy stuff.  I am guessing/bluffing/somewhat researching my way through this.  I could very well be doing it the exact wrong way.

This morning I pulled all the muslin off the bolt, pre-washed it, and we rewound it back on.  I then proceeded with the most tedious job of the day.  Removal of dog hair from the foam.  You see we stored it on top of the dog's crate, it was so long it hung just over the door of the crate.  Naturally every time he went in our out he transferred just a little bit of hair.  Which got transferred to the other pieces of foam as we moved them around for various reasons.  It was quite fun let me tell you.

Here are the supplies for the first step of the upholstery, at least for me.  My plan was/is to make a slip on bag to cover the foam cushions that contain boards.

Time for cutting.  I cut 4 lengths of 85 inches.   I took two of those lengths and cut the width down to 42 inches.  After cutting the first length, I laid it out on the foam for a visual check that I had enough material.

I folded the material in half length wise,  sewed one end and one side shut.  I bunched the material up wrong side out, fitted the sewed end snuggly to the cushion and pulled it up while turning it right side out(think of a woman putting on nylon hose).  About 1/4 the way up, we inserted the board.

Here you go.

This is the point when we realized the board moved around - Alot.  We decided to pull the muslin tight and staple it to the back of the board.

Although, not perfect, good enough.
Two down, two more just like this one (bolsters), then two more that i still have to figure out...


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