Actually Sewing Begins On Gaucho Coucho

All the cut fabric for 2/3 of a gaucho couch.

Then I notice I have forgotten to cut the two strips in half for the zipper sections.
Sewing my first zipper, EVER.
After sewing all the way down, I flipped the seam and sewed it flat, as per a video I saw on youtube.  It really made it look nice!
Here is what the back seam looks like when one side is done.
Here is the back side when both sides are attached... notice the somewhat erratic seam... opppsss!
Unlike when I take pictures, my husband can actually catch someone doing the work.   I am sewing the zipper section to the bottom fabric.
A dry fit of the 15 inch cushion.
Trying to figure out how to attach the bottoms to the top fabric.... and that is where it stopped last night.  Needed to recharge those batteries!!  I think I have a good idea ... but we'll see!


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