The Boy's Bed

As many of you know from looking at our pictures, our A/S only has two beds. While it will sleep 4 people, we have children of opposite genders. We had planned on getting an A/S with twin beds but in our area, unless you want the 30 feet plus... we didn't, they seem to be hard to find. We did find one about 4 hours away but for many reasons we never went to see it.

When Minerva came up for sale we debated on buying her. Decided to buy her and then remove the wardrobe/desk area and put a bed in there... then changed our mind. We just didn't want to lose all that storage space or alter our trailer that much. We thought that we can just put a twin blow up mattress on the floor for our son instead. Then yesterday, I was thinking this wasn't such a good idea.

After all you have:
1. Child on floor near dogs.
2. Great Dane could puncture mattress with a nail.
3. Great Dane could decide to use boy as pillow/mattress in middle of night.
4. Would literally have to air/deflate mattress every day to conserve space when using trailer.
5. Would have to add/remove pump & mattress every trip as it is used in house from time to time.
6. Would have to buy mattress of proper size.

So I had an inspired brain storm.... A Cot! We found a folding one at walmart for about the same price as an air mattress. It folds away and can be stored under/behind our gaucho easily. It is very easy to fold and unfold. Fits a bit snuggly by the door, however I don't plan on going out a lot after he's asleep. If I do then it will be done carefully.

Meanwhile, the boy thinks it is the coolest thing. So here's hoping it works out!!


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