It could be stated that I like to be frugal, that I'm cheap, or just like to do it the hard way.  We had previously discovered that I would need about $60 worth of curtain panels to cover the front windows in the A/S.  So keeping this in mind, I had been looking at Wally World & Target for curtains and just not deciding on anything.  My husband had a brain storm yesterday, see we love this show called Sell This House on A&E.  One thing they are constantly doing is making cheap curtains out of  bed sheets.  So today we went into Wally World got one of the rugs we bought for the A/S to do some matching with bed sheets.  By the way, your options are greater when you choose this method!  Thread count is important here we found that you needed at least 250 so that it wasn't completely see thru at night.  For $29.99 plus tax we bought this full size sheet set.  

For the front window:
  1. The original drapes had a metal hook that held the attachment wheel thingy (really technical today!!)that rolled onto the curtain track.  We did not wish to use the metal hook again, so we decided to run elastic thru the hoops of the attachment wheel thingy then sew them into the curtains.  I pull out the seam on the fitted sheet (five minutes) and reused the elastic found inside.
  2. We measured how tall we would need the fabric then subtracted the length of the attachment wheel thingy (for both top & bottom), and the amount of elastic showing (for both top & bottom)  added back in a half an inch (for both top & bottom) for seam allowance.  Then purely to torture my husband, I asked him to cut the fabric.  Not really, he's more precise than I am.
  3. The fabric was not cut for width.  We just used the existing sheet width and scrunched it up on the track.  There was enough fabric to make the long curtains double sided.
  4. Pinned everything together and sewed.  This is the point where I tell you that choosing the right sewing machine for the job is CRUCIAL.. granted most of you probably only have one... but I'm just saying... the treadle was NOT my smartest choice.  After I broke the machine needle AND Shawn had to use the pliers to get a pin out a seam,  I switched to the electric machine.
Anyway here are the results of todays project:

Basically, I have my front window curtains for $6.60 each.  Yeah, I might really be cheap or obsessive to have figured that out.. take your pick.  Anyway,  I still have the side curtains to do but as I'd watched 2.75 hours of Long Way Down before we finished the cutting, pinning, breaking thread/needles/pins, and sewing ... Shawn said enough was enough.  After all there was still the gaucho coucho to dye.

Notice the lemon & lime colored chairs in the back ground.  We found them on sale at Target and since we didn't have chairs for either the outside or the other side of the dining table we got them.

More pictures to come later when it's dark and the lights are on inside the trailer.  Oh and we get the gaucho recovered!


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