The Driveway is So Empty....

I can officially park in the middle of the Drive again, not that my husband has every really been pleased with that practice.One would think this a happy thing... and it sort of is... but then again it's sort of not. Not having to worry about hitting the AS is a nice thing, but the truck looks a bit forlorn without it. The most tragic thing about it is the kids. They have been unable to speed down the dive on their bikes for a month. Ironically, now it's gone for a few days so are they!

We had a practice run yesterday of me trying to help Shawn back up the hitch to the trailer and then I had to learn how to line up the trailer wheels to Shawn's new ramp boards. Which includes me "nudging" (kicking slightly) the boards into place. This was to insure a somewhat painless exit of the trailer from the driveway. His ramps did, just barely, stop the trailer from scrapping the drive without the addition of 20 frantically/randomly selected things from the garage.

However, it wasn't quite so painless today. Naturally we have to get the trailer to the service center, my blood drawn (routine medical stuff), and my son his allergy shot before Shawn has to get to work at noon. It's around 8:30 am. Plenty of time, right? Except the trash truck decided to arrive, no big deal right, except our neighbor hood has one entrance/exit. Shawn didn't want to pull out and block them in. However, we didn't realize it would take them 20 minutes to do their round. While waiting for them the mail woman drove through as well. Then there is the debate on the exit vector of the drive. We are still working out our visual/verbal towing language. Boy, isn't that fun!! I really look forward to the time when we have our parking/hitching communications down pat.

Finally, we are out of the driveway and on our way. Happy in the knowledge that we made it out of the drive safely and we would soon find out the status of all the systems that we were leery to test ourselves. Suddenly a motorcyclist pulls up beside us to kindly let us know we lost our A/C shroud about 1/2 mile back. We have to drive another 1/2 mile before we can find a place to turn around. We find the shroud on the side of the road. Lucky for us it's just barely broken (might be able to repair). Once again, another 1/2 mile to turn around. Then there is the shear dread of using a neighbor hood to turn around and hoping it wasn't a dead end. You may well laugh, but it's a realistic fear in our city. They have a powerful love of dead ends and cul de sacs... powerful!!. Even some major roads dead end suddenly and pick up three blocks away!

The result of this sad tale is that a trip that should have taken no more than 30 minutes to get to the RV center took us almost an hour. Not including time spent in the drive waiting on trash & mail. And we arrived home with about 10 minutes to spare!!

Now, time for me to quit all this blogging nonsense and get into my upholstery nonsense.....


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