First Trip... Done!

As promised when work was finished on Friday we departed on our first ever A/S voyage. Since we had very little practice towing her, we decided to take the back roads instead of the freeway. There is a lot of construction areas up and down I-35 and then add in the wind. The wind here is steady and almost always present. So we wanted to take a lower traffic road.

We arrived at our destination and followed my father-in-law to the campgrounds. Upon arrival we discover that Shawn's father-in-law has come along for the ride. Since we don't know anything about the campground, we head into the campground loop the wrong way. Which required a tediously tricky turning parking job with many pull forwards.

All of you probably know that more than a single person directing a driver is just too many. Smartly, my father-in-law just sits back to enjoy the show. Shawn's father-in-law decides to "Help". His help comes from walking by the hitch and directing Shawn to do exactly the opposite of what I say. I guess directing from the hitch is a different view from the back. I'm walking backwards behind the trailer trying to tell Shawn what he needs to do in order to get the back lined up. Of course, I will claim that I was doing the right thing but then again Shawn's father-in-law would disagree with me quite vehemently. So we'll just say Shawn got a bit frustrated with getting opposing directions. I dreamed of, maybe even mimed, kicking Shawn in the a**, and after getting it parked but not unhitched we discovered that the water connection was too far away for our hose. Luckily enough all we had to do was pull it out of the space and back up about 50 yards to the next space (we had the camp ground to ourselves).

This time we got her all set up (A/C turned on), secured but not quite level (the level was broken and the new one not quite adjusted correctly). Let the dogs out for a quick romp while the fathers-in-law checked out the AS. Then went to my in-laws for a quick dinner.

Now I have often said that Shawn and I tend to have interesting experiences the first time we do things. This would be NO different. After eating dinner, our socializing is cut short by the unexpected arrival of a thunderstorm. See this boy - (picture taken during the storm)

He's what they refer to as "Storm Sensitive". Which means that as soon as the barometer falls he get's anxious. Thunder means really, really, really anxious. Lightening means you might want to stand up for a long time or you might get 145lbs of pure fear in your lap. We got back just in time for the rain to start, medicate him, but not in time for a MUCH NEEDED Shower. I will say that the A/C in the A/S was loud enough that with music he did not suffer as much as he would have at home. However, it was a unfortunate start to the weekend. We finally got the shower, the trailer leveled(we had to borrow a level from my in-laws... as well as a flashlight, coffee filters, and a radio), and the stabilizer jacks lowered around 10:30pm.

Let's talk about gaucho coucho beds and sleeping for the first time in our A/S. First, new foam is VERY FIRM! We woke through out the first night with tingly limbs. The second night we actually slept and woke up with just slightly tingly arms. Second, an A/C without an interior cover blowing on Shawn's feet can/will keep you awake for hours. Shawn jury rigged a cover the second night to divert the flow of air. Third, unfamiliar surroundings, late night visitors (teenagers looking to party or someone checking the site?) all keep you awake. Strangely, either word got out someone was camping or we slept through the visits the second night....

Yesterday we made many trips to and from the AS. So many people coming to my son's birthday party wanted a look at the A/S, Drake the Dane, or both. Then there was the necessary time spent with the dogs. We retired to the A/S around 6:30pm.

This morning we woke around 6am. We took care of doggy chores then started packing up. I concentrated on the interior (locating all the borrowed items) and Shawn started the disconnecting/raising jacks/draining holding tank. After loading the dogs (can't open the tail gate of the truck when hitched to the A/S), we hitched up and headed over to attempt our first dump. We had not used anything but the sinks, but Shawn had it drain into the black water tank so we could "practice" with cleaner water. I am unsure if we were lucky, but we did not have a problem. After picking the kids up from their grandparents, we drove home.

Although their were a few hiccups (I got startled by a armadillo outside the campground bathroom the first night. We had a skunk in the campground somewhere), all in all, it was a pretty good trip. We enjoyed our time in the Airstream. Our A/C worked like a dream. The dogs appeared to enjoy their new sleeping area.

(I used picnic blankets and towels to protect paws from the plywood subfloors.)

Now we just need to get the flooring in and the front gaucho coucho installed so the kids can have their first night in the A/S too!


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