The Forgotten Despair

I forgot to mention on Friday during all the excitement of getting new tires and packing for our first trip that the fridge is broken.  I reported here that she was fixed, however it was temporary.  When Tom was giving Shawn a run down on how to light all the gas pilots, they opened the fridge door and the smell of ammonia reeked out.  So not only is she still broken, but we have no choice but to replace her.  This pretty much upset us all, not because of the price or having more work to do, just because it was original to the trailer and that made it cool.  Apparently, this is the one part that is both VERY expensive and impossible to find.

So we taped her tightly shut until we returned home on Sunday, then we aired her out.  A temporary and repetitive measure until we buy her replacement.  Luckily, any trips we have planned in the near future we can get by with an ice chest.  In the mean time, we have been researching new fridges and installations.


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