Learning As You Go - Part I...

Everyone learns things as they go along. I figured I'd start a series of posts about what we learned about us and our A/S as we begin our journeys. Here it goes:

  1. Make Good Lists.
  2. Follow & Double Check Lists.
  3. List all the food you really need for a meal.
  4. A fridge is a really, really, REALLY nice thing to have. I can't emphasize this enough! (No coffee this morning..water in the milk...milk in the Igloo!)
  5. Why there where sink covers to begin with. (more prep space!!)
  6. The 39 year old A/C will run perfectly through the day but will trip at Midnight... religiously.
  7. It would appear that there will be a storm on our first night of every trip...so far. (Storm Sensitive 139 lb dog..wonderful).
  8. It's windy in OK... 99.9% of the time. Especially when you are towing!
  9. No matter how many towels you take, you will need at least one more. (Kids/dogs need I say more)
  10. You will have an unwelcome audience the first time you dump your black water tank with real black water in it. (Had done a test run using grey water a few weeks back)
  11. The office that does the credit card payments for RV sites will close ten minutes before you arrive (mental note... CHECK BOOK!! CASH!!!) making it necessary to go into town for an ATM. They did let us unhitch and hook up first. Really nice people at Roman Nose, just bad timing on our part.
  12. Curtains are not just for decoration or privacy in an A/S. (We have no awnings...yet. And the only site left was full sun. We arrived at 5:30 on a 102 degree day....need I say more.)
  13. The dogs prefer the spot just below the A/C... especially when the Trap Door is open. (Due to mechanical issues with the A/C, Shawn cut a door in the cover that swings open. Blows the air straight down onto the dogs.)
  14. No matter how much entertainment you take...it's almost always too much!
  15. Dish Towels
  16. Dish Rags - Just idiotic...
  17. Add movies to the DVD case that do not include Toys, Princesses, Mice, African Savannah's or Fairy's in it. (Although I really adore Oceans 11 [the only mature movie we had] I could have watched 12, 13, & a few more during that storm!!)
I am sure Shawn could add more.. but I'm done... at least for now. Although it may not sound like it from this post.. we really had a spectacular time.


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