Let The Streaming Begin - Roman Nose State Park

This weekend we took a hour & a half drive north west of hour home to Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, OK.

We hiked all the way from the trail entrance to Inspiration Point and back again. We did not do the entire trail but left out the extra 1.9 miles that didn't go were we wanted. It took over 2 hours. We saw two snakes, many bugs, and one skunk! One snake was just about 6 inches from my foot when I spotted it (this is typical for me and snakes... it it any wonder I have a phobia of them). It was green with black strips the length of it's body according to the internet it is not poisonous. Just a common garter snake.. I hope. We were about 20 feet away when we spotted the skunk in our path... whew... close call! Can you imagine the stink of that in your A/S.... I don't wanna think about it!

Here are some of the 100 pictures I took... just some. I promise not the full 100.

There is Minerva as seen from across the lake and up the "hill".

This is a picture of a natural spring or at least the stream and small canyon it's created. We spent about 1:30 playing in the spring. There are 3 or 4 small waterfalls in this area. As you can imagine, the kids all flocked and played up and down the stream. Let me just say... it's was frigid and felt wonderful in the 100 plus temps that afternoon.

We also took the paddle boats out. It was $12.50 for an hour but we found that in that heat about 30 minutes was about all you could handle. We skipped out on the miniature golf. The swimming pool was closed but that was ok with us adults. All in all, a great place to begin our travelings... and they had full hookups & a concrete level pad.


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