Moving In....

She's BACKKKKKK!!!!  And she's going on her first trip with us this weekend.  So tonight was moving in day.  Well a partial moving in day.  Since there is no floor, no front gaucho, oh and the fridge which had been repaired took it's last breathe when Tom (our A/S repair guru) was showing Shawn how to light it.

Back to happier topics.....

We carried out  the gaucho coucho (sorry, it will forever in my mind be termed that way) cushions.  I know the color is a bit electric and I really can't figure out why I like it (not my usual style) but I do.

Here they are all laid out.  There is a slight raise in the middle, I am hoping that will smooth out as it gets some use.
Lastly, here is how a six foot 2 inch man looks like on it.
Notice how his feet hang off.... poor guy... the story of his life... at least since we got married.  However, notice how much extra room I'll have....

We are only going for 2 days so the closet is less than half full, although Shawn and I have never been known to need a large amount of clothing.  Just ask me mum... she'll be happy to tell ye all about it.
And lastly, the sheets and quilt.....

Nebulous Needles finally found her home.... maybe...I hope.


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