My Weekend - Upholstery - My Sanity Quickly Sliding Away


This is an account of how I came about my measurements. Someone may have a better/easier way of doing this. I may be COMPLETELY WRONG! Time will tell. What I am saying is... FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK... I am NOT responsible if you follow these instructions and it does not work!!

First, the tools I will use for cutting:

A rotary cutter, rotary cutting mat, and a ruler. I already had these in my arsenal of quilting supplies. However, they make for quicker cutting and ease of measuring.

Things to keep in mind:

I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! I am drawing on internet research, intermediate quilting experience, trial/error and luck!

Please don't take my measurements as gold. For instance, my cushions are 5 inches high instead of 6. You may decide to alter the cushions sizes from 21 to 23 and adjust all your other cushions accordingly. In other words, YOU will need to adapt your measurements to your cushion size.

The seam allowance according to several websites and my original cover is 1/2 inch per seam.

Zipper Measurements will not change because I am placing them on the sides. I will explain how I got to that number, then I will just copy and paste from section to section.

The top of the gaucho- 37.5 x 74
Just like on the original cover, my two big cushions will share a single piece of top fabric. The two big cushions add together to make 36.5 inches, then add half an inch for the seams on the end to give us 37 .5 inches. The length of my cushions is 73 inches. Once again, I just add a half an inch for seam allowances.

Now it's time to get a bit more specific. I will break it down by cushion.

21.5 in cushion:
bottom fabric-
22.5. x 74
That one is easy enough. Just add your seam allowances.

Sides -
Non-Zipper Section - 6x 117
Add the one inch for seam allowances to your cushion height. To get the length of fabric needed - Double the cushion height. Add that number to the length of one side. Lastly, add your seam allowances. (I am doing my sides in one long section. Not panels for each side, so the measurements reflect that)

21.5 x 2 = 43 + 73 = 116 + 1 = 117

All my fabric was cut in sections of 74 inches, so I will need to join pieces to make this length. This also allows for extra fabric already cut in case of a mess up. With me that's a real possibility.

Zipper Section - 7x 74
This section has a bit more to think about when figuring out fabric measurements. You have to add another inch for zipper seam allowances and the actual zipper adds 1/4 inch to the size. You add the height and the 2 inches for seam allowances. Then you subtract 1/4 for the zipper.

5 +2 =7 - .25 = 6.75

You may notice that I have a different number than the 6.75. Even though we calculated 6.75 as the appropriate size to cut for this section, that needs to cut in half. For sanity's & caution's sake, I added the extra 1/4 inch. I can measure the fabric when the zipper is attached and trim the edges accordingly.

15 inch cushion -

bottom fabric-
16 x 74
Once again, just take your dimensions and add your seam allowance.

Sides (using above method) -
Zipper Section - 7x 74

Non-Zipper Section-

15 x 2 = 30 + 73 = 103 +1 = 104

13 inch cushion-

Top- 14 x 74
13 +1 = 14

Bottom Fabric-
Depending on your model or the location of the gaucho, this one will be different. It will need to be adapted to the curve of your trailer if in the front, or straight if used in the back. I have one of each. If you have the original upholstery check it for the boards. They can make a template for your curve, for replacements boards or possibly be reused. I will not give measurements for the curved version of the cushion.

Rectangular Version- 14 x 74

Zipper Section - 7x 74
Non-Zipper Section -
13 x 2 = 26 + 74 = 100 + 1= 101

Now that my cutting done it's time to get the sewing machine out.


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