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We bought some tire tube extender things, sway control, tabs for the new curtains, and a game for the A/S yesterday. Tomorrow I hope to have a post up on the latest in the Gaucho Coucho saga. I have been packing my bin for the next trip. Shawn found some spray for the tambour doors... with all the heat and humidity they've gotten a bit sticky again. We've decided on how to make the curtains... yes, another thing to go shopping for.. ouch!

And now after a day full of binning, purging and packing it's time to go have some fun.


We have a 1970 Overlander and struggle with the tambour doors getting stuck. What have you found works to 'unstick' them? Have you found that some it might release the doors at first, but then build up and cause problems later?



It is important to take the doors off first -- you'll never get them clean otherwise. On our '71 (which is different because of the aluminum cabinetry rather than wood) there are usually 2 or 3 screws which hold the plastic guide in place -- it only has to be removed on one side to come out. Once they were removed, I used a q-tip with orange oil on it inside the guide to clean out the gunk, and a little on a cloth to just clean the edges of the tambours (not much, as they absorb and will swell). After that, we rubbed the inside of the guide as well as the edges of the tambours with beeswax, reinstalled and just keep them lubed occasionally with silicone spray.

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