Repacking, Cleaning, Storage

We arrived home yesterday around noon.  We unloaded the A/S.  I did copious amounts of laundry, which included folding a repacking things for the A/S.  She was partially restocked last night.  Today I went out and spent about 15 minutes cleaning her up.  Sweep, vacuum, mop and I'm done.  I'll do the cabinet cleaning in a few days.  Let me just say it takes remarkably little time to clean her up.  I really... REALLY like that.

Almost all of our original plastic drawers were broken.  So we have decided on (probably a common solution) how to replace these drawers.  Bins.  You might ask why would we need such things.  That's what the shelves and compartments are for.

Easy answers:

  1. loading & unloading -  We don't full time or part time.  We move a lot of things back and forth right now.  
  2. I can also wash and repack items like towels, sheets, and blankets and know that they will not get dirty while sitting in the cabinet.  (A legit concern...the first trip we had a dirt coming out of the stove vent.  Also protects things from dog hair... I have two that are shedding enough hair to to weave into a toupee for a sasquatch right now.)  
  3. I found that when it came to unloading it was easy with the bins.  Just stack them by the door and the kids could carry one or two inside for me.  I am hoping it cuts down on unloading time, especially when it's 102 in the trailer parked in the drive.  
  4. I can pack the clothes in a bin, just like a suit case, then carry it out easily.  
  5. We decided that each family member gets one bin for entertainment purposes... ie, toys, crafts, books, games, etc.  They have the ease of changing those items for every trip.  
  6. We found that you can fit 2 of them in most of the over head compartments (expect ones that have factory installed things like speakers/vents/etc).  
  7. You can fit 3 of them on the wardrobe shelf.  
  8. At least four of them can go under the desk.
  9. Unknown numbers in the pantry/under gaucho.
  10. Just cause... I ran out of reasons... or the gumption to think of one.


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