Shopping/Wish List Update 7-16

I have started to compile a list of things needed/wanted for the inside of Minerva.  I will be updating this list as I think of things or buy things.

  1. Nesting Pots & Pans
  2. Dish Set - * Found the coleman red enamel ware w/cutlery at Wally World for 19.99 on 7-14.
  3. Coffee Pot
  4. Kitchen Towels/Wash Rags
  5. Bathroom Towels/Wash Rags *Found some brightly covered sets on 7-15.
  6. Cutlery *found 7-14
  7. Drinking Glasses - *planning on just using our water bottles and coffee mugs from the enamel ware set.
  8. Fire extinguisher - *found at Wal-Mart on 7-15
  9. Sheets - 1 full
  10. Soap
  11. Shampoo/Conditioner
  12. Cleaning Supplies
  13. Storage Bins 
  14. Cutting board
  15. Can Opener
  16. Bottle Opener
  17. Bread pan
  18. Shelf liner
  19. Plastic Bags
  20. Measuring Cups/Spoons
  21. Dog Crate Clip on Water Bowls
  22. Carpet Runner - *found runner and floor mat 7-14.
  23. Dish drying rack -*got rv sink size on 7-14.
  24. Hot pads
  25. cooking utensils
  26. pot holders
  27. table cloth
  28. napkin
  29. pizza pan
  30. ice cube trays?
  31. electric skillet
  32. spice rack
  33. tire valve extenders - 4

Things I am contemplating:
  1. Small Portable Washing Machine - It would help alleviate worry over laundry mat usage.  The son is allergic to fabric softners, dryer sheets, detergent with fragrance.  We know from experience that those things can linger in the machines for many cycles after someone has used them.
  2. Small Portable Rinser - If you go for the washing machine, you will either hand wring or by the rinser.
  3. clothes line/clothes pins
  4. portable ice maker


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