Another Quick Trip Done

Once again, we towed Minerva to the In-Laws for a visit. They make excellent practice runs and the kids get to spend much loved time with the grandparents. They really don't like to come back home.

The first two nights were a bit cold. I know now why there was that weird wall covering in the bedroom and will be putting one back in. I wonder if I have enough left over fabric from the sheets to do a wall cover.....hmmmm.

I love the new vacuum. The camp ground near the in-law's home has gravel pads. The gravel is smallish which equates to lots of transfer into the trailer. Not to mention the dog hair and the leaves they bring inside!

What can I say about the bins? BRILLIANT!! Each member of the family got a bin each for clothes. Yes, I packed three days worth of clothes for each member of the family (except for the pj's for my daughter... brain fart!) in bins small enough to fit into the overhead compartments. When we arrived at the In-Law's, I just removed the two kids' bins and handed them over to Memaw. Unpacking the trailer at home took about 15 minutes. I took the bins to the door, where the kids & husband carted them into the house. There was only a few loose items to collect. I am currently washing sheets and towels to put back in the bins. Minerva should be partially repacked by tomorrow!

I do however have a wish list. Here are the things I want to add to my wish list besides the fridge -

Portable Grey Water Tank is a growing desire of mine. The 1971 Overlanders did not have Grey Water Tanks. They became standard in later years. This campsite does not have full hook ups so we diverted the grey water into the black tank. Which is usually not an issue for 48 hours, but we stayed a day longer than normal. Needless to say, the black tank was showing almost full after two days with very minimal use of water. No showers, just dishes, washing hands, and toilet usage. When I say minimal ... I mean minimal water usage.... ie, we washed dishes by just wetting the wash rag & rinsing. Needless to say we didn't feel it was worth it to hitch up to take her to the dump station when we would have to repeat the process in less than 16 hours. So we had to take advantage of all the campground facilities and hauled the dishes home to wash instead.

I really, really want a mattress topper. It is a bit hard to sleep when your appendages go numb. I know this one has been mentioned here before... but I still don't have one yet.

On the way home we started to discuss the next trip..... and now I must go check the dryer!!


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