Bloody Battle...Nah... Just Greasy

Well Shawn attacked the lock today and I do mean attacked it. I'd like to say it was a bloody battle and if your from the UK, then yes it most definitely was. If your from the US, it was just greasy and inappropriate for anyone easily offended by foul language (or anyone under the age of 16).

First he went here for advice, then followed instructions, then went back there for more advice. I can tell you that I'm not at liberty to discuss what happened next (insert deplorable language here). I can say that it was strongly, yet nicely requested that I was not to take pictures for the blog. At this point, I found something else to do, anything else, even dishes and then pretended to listen to what he said about the lock. Although, he did get the lock working, I do believe that we have a cylinder purchase in our near future.

And now.. it's time to Relax....


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