Consequences of Using Shop Vacs Without Proper Protection

Finally a little work done on Minerva. However, just a through cleaning and some packing. Nothing exciting. Just a good cleaning out of the dust blown by the shop vac ... yes, that means the curtains too! Everything had to come in and be washed. One gaucho cover will need to be either fixed or replaced. (Word from the wise - NO METAL ZIPPERS!! Plastic ones only.) One of the two metal zippers used on the front gaucho zippers busted. However, that cover was just wrong to begin with so I am contemplating making a new one... sometime in the future...(left a few doors open there!!). Oh and one of the plastic curtain tabs will need to be replaced. It's still attached but broken in half. One of the rollers on the large window curtains will need to be replaced also... it came apart in the washing machine...fun!

Since he gets annoyed when I have to wash gaucho covers and newly made curtains and I get annoyed due to the 45 minutes spent wiping the dust off of every surface in Minerva....without A/C on a very humid & stifling day.... I have spoken to my husband about the future use of shop vacs inside of Minerva. I think we have reached an accord but only time will tell.


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