Random Trip Notes

Random Trip Notations:

Sleep - Apparently, sleep will be hard to come by on the first night of every trip for me. I got a good 5 hours but then I woke up hungry and overly excited to be in Ft. Worth. Oh, and since every other member of my family was still asleep... I got a lot of thinking time.. Yuck!

Communicate - This one is simple, if you don't things will be missed. In this case, I believed we were ready to leave the house when in fact this was not true. When Shawn said this was not the case, and I asked if he wanted me to take the dog back inside... he said "No". This inadvertently led to him having to make an unplanned trip to Target for pillows and toothpaste. Other things we almost left:
various medications, the entire toiletry bag, drinks for the trip

*Once the dogs are loaded into the back of the truck, the count down has begun. We have a certain number of hours before they must be let out for potty breaks. As this includes *gasp* unhitching..... we try to safely expedite departure. I sometimes wish that I could have a TV with more space than a truck!!*

Pillows - I don't believe this will be a problem any longer as we have just bought extra pillows and they now belong exclusively to the A/S.

Toothpaste - I make no promises on forgetting this one. At least it wasn't my children's underwear/shoes/swimsuit/socks/pj/etc

W/D Hitch - We just got it for this trip (our first out on the big bad Interstate), and it has added another 5 minutes to the hitching up process. I am sure those of you who consider themselves old hat at towing will wonder at this .... well it's due to the absurd angle of our drive. There is barely enough clearance for the new hitch and ball to be connected to the trailer in the drive. We have to pull it out of the drive to put on the bars & sway control.

Kids - There is nothing quite like a 8:30pm arrival at your Rv park (where quiet time has already started) and having hyper, bouncing off the wall kids. I am not sure why but the more tired my children are the more wound up they get.

Mosquitos - it is possible to get about 10 bites whilst trying to imbibe my morning beverage.

Place - To everything it's place. We are still trying to figure out the dance of the Stream. Every home has it's routine. We are still figuring out where to put things to make life easier. For instance:
when you have a dog almost as long a Gaucho Coucho you spend a lot of time moving his bed to and fro. During the day the dog bed resides in the bedroom "hallway" under the A/C, in other words, in the path of anyone needing the bathroom. Not to mention blocking access to the closet. When people are changing in the bedroom, it belongs in front of the living room Gaucho. The thing is that no matter where you put it, you will always need to get into whatever it's blocking. Ever try moving a 140lb dog that doesn't want to get up? Needless to say, I am discovering the value of putting things in the correct place. Now if I could just make sure I had everything BEFORE I put it away.....

Bathroom Stops - I had a moment yesterday of realization. We stopped to get food and use the bathroom. Shawn is the one who has to order the food so I go in first. I really dislike using public toilets. REALLY, REALLY dislike using them. I hurry through the DQ towards the restroom, open the door, and then I had an epiphany. I realize I was TOWING my own private toilet. I probably would not use it if we were going home since we don't want to have to find a dump station before parking it in the drive but we were just starting our trip at this point and HELLO... TOILET ATTACHED TO TRUCK!! Lesson learned!


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