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We are back in our sticks & bricks residence. I put it that way because I've noticed a interesting phenomenon. My husband has started to refer to the A/S as home. Instead of "when we get back to the trailer/Minerva", it's "when we get home". The kids have corrected him on it...but he still does it.

We had a lovely visit with friends in the city of our children's birth. I'll say it's very weird to visit a place that you once called home and it doesn't seem familiar anymore. I don't say that because of the changes, and there were many, but it just didn't have the same vibe it had when we resided there.

The RV park was really nice/quiet/clean and in a great locale. However, now we are home and the fun we had parking/unhitching at 9pm at night. Although it went considerably well, it is not our favorite time of the day for this activity. Today the work has begun. Minerva has been unpacked, counters cleaned and vacuumed. I just need to pick up a few bits of gravel and mop her for the next trip.

As for now, well I have about 15 bin to unpack and put away the contents or repack when it's contents are clean!


Nicki: How do you deal with mail when you are traveling all over? We are new to the Airstream community and plan to do some traveling so we can use all the tips you have. Thanks for posting this blog. You have shared a lot of great information. Peggy

Glad you enjoy the blog. Keep in mind we are still learning but here is what I can tell you.

As for the mail service it all depends on how long you plan to travel, how often you plan on returning home, or if you plan to give up your sticks and bricks house. There are several options but you will need to research how they work for your situation. Don't forget to check out USPS to see what they can provide.

There are three big providers of mail service to full time/part time RVers. They are based out of Florida, South Dakota (I think) and RVEscapees from Texas. We joined RVEscapees for our mail services. They have three levels but we chose the basic (cheapest). We chose them because of the Texas homeschooling laws, proximity to family, and ease of becoming Texans... again.

We plan on having our mail forwarded every 2-3 weeks. The Escapee will tell you what mail you have if you call and ask them. We have to make sure that the local post office does allows general delivery then we call Escapees and give them the information. Allowing at least 4 days for delivery, I will call them mid-week so that the mail will arrive early next week at our next destination. You pay a yearly fee for the service and a shipping/postage fee every time they send your mail.

Some advice:
Almost all bills can be delivered electronically these days and we've signed up for this service for everything we could.

Check your bank for branches and ATMs in the area you are traveling. We switched to a credit union since they joined ranks to allow you to bank at participating credit unions nation wide. We just go online and see where the nearest one is to where we are staying. This can also affect when you deliver mail.

Not all RV parks take credit cards, so make sure you have cash and checks. State Parks and small mom & pop campgrounds tend to have a cash only policy. These are sometimes the cheapest and prettiest choices. $18 - $25 vs $30 +

We had to get a separate insurance policy thru a different Insurance company on the A/S since we don't, at this time, have a house or renter's policy to tie the trailer to. Until we get another sticks and bricks house our regular company can't insure the A/S because we are considered full timers.

Full timers insurance covers both the trailer and it's contents, a place to stay while the trailer is unusable.

RVparkreviews.com is a great way to get information on RVparks. Each park listed is rated by fellow RVers and it is a pretty comprehensive list... although not obviously there will be some not in there.

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