To Everything A Time And Place - The Staying In An A/S Dance

Well it's certainly takes a bit of time to find the correct place for everything in an A/S. What makes it more of challenge is the number of people sharing that space. The more people & animals you bring (their are six of us ... dogs included), the more specific the placement of items becomes. Not to mention it limits the amount of unnecessary stuff you bring. Figuring out how your family uses the space provided versus the places you store things is what I like to call a dance. Even in your sticks and bricks house you have this, it's the routine or choreography of living in your space. However, in a AS (or any small RV) it becomes more important to get it figured out.

Some instances:
The kids need their clothes but you just moved the 140lb dog in front of the closet because the cook needed him out of the kitchen area. The dog food is also in this area.

Kid's toy bins are in over head cabinet that requires an adult to retrieve them but the games that only get played at night are in credenza with easy access to everyone.

Obviously, we have not completely solved these issues but we have found that it's best if everyone gets up at the same time. The quicker we get Minerva returned to living area as opposed to sleeping area, the smoother the morning runs. This past weekend also gave me some good ideas on were some things should be stored. I have moved the games up to the cabinet under the control panel.

These games are exclusively from Target. However the box is literally book size, making it an easy fit. A bit more expensive than the usual boxes but I think a good buy because of the compact size and durability of the box.

Our cards and travel size games. They were bought for our last plane trip... I really hope plane rides are in the past.

These are my favorite buy for Minerva. 16qt Bins. I've mentioned them before but not shown pictures of how the fit into the A/S.
This is the overhead cabinet. Yes, there is a bit of "wasted space". However, I usually stuff bathroom floor mats, dog towels, and misc other items. There is a full size quilt in the bin (it just barely fits) on the left. The other bin has 3 towels, 2 hand towels, 3 wash rags in it.
Here is under the credenza. I have decided to try out using this space for the kids toy bins. I will probably either find another bin that fits the space better or perhaps a smaller size for electronic cords/remotes to go top of the existing bins. *I used bins already in the stream so you will see the same three in every pictures.*

In the picture below, this cabinet will only fit one 16qt bin due to electronic wires. However, I will find something to use in this space.

The closet shelf houses three bins. The "desk" in the bedroom (unpictured) will hold 4 of these bins (two behind each door), however there is a lot more wasted space there. I think I can probably find a better alternative even if it's a different size/brand bin. I have not contemplated what to use under the bedroom gaucho yet... if anything. I may leave that for tool storage.....

As for the kitchen, we have smaller bin that currently houses the coleman enamel ware set. The rest is a bit undecided. Until we have a refrigerator, we mostly take just snack type foods/breakfast cereals/tea/coffee/etc. Besides Shawn will decide how he really wants the kitchen set up, after all he's the cook in the family.

Now for the best thing about the bins....UNPACKING! Unpacking the trailer takes less than 20 minutes. You grab the bins you need, stack them by the door, and then everyone pitches in to carry bins to the house. Because the bins are not too large or heavy both my six year & eight year old can carry them. The heaviest thing to carry is the laundry bag. Also, any empty bins can be used to grab miscellaneous items floating about the trailer...such as the coffee grinder, coffee bean holder, left over dry foods...etc.

As I do the laundry from the weekend, I repack the towels into their bins and put them back into Minerva. This lessens the amount of packing I have to do for the next trip and the load on my mind. This last trip a friend called me 3 days before a birthday party inviting us to come!! It was a four hour drive from us!


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